Episode #182 – Put the Nail In


The boys are back, after a three week hiatus, with a truly fun and special episode. Tony talks about the sudden passing of his Mom, and although it is really sad, you just know Gary can’t help but bring some humor to the conversation….much to Tony’s relief!

Plus: Cool music, a BIG announcement, and….”Rob really brings his wisdom to the show”. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry. And be sure to listen ALL THE WAY to the end.

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  1. Hi Tony, Gary and Rob,

    So sad to hear that this is the last podcast from you guys. I just recently found out about your show when you interviewed Craig J. Snyder on the phone after David Cassidy’s passing. That podcast that day the very beginning of it I was laughing so much when you guys talked about the dye of hair. Tony your laugh is so contagious, it just seems like you laugh from you whole heart and Gary wow you are so hilarious. Rob is great also. I’m listening to your last podcast now and Tony so sorry for the loss of your mom. Wish I would of know about your show years before. You guys rock. To all three of you good luck in your next adventures. God bless you for making us laugh.


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