Episode #163 – David Cassidy EXCLUSIVE!


In the wake of the passing of pop icon David Cassidy, Tony and Gary talk to David’s longtime producer, arranger, keyboardist, and friend, Craig Snider, about what it was like to work with and tour with David. He also provides insight into what David’s final days were like.

PLUS: Craig shares an EXCLUSIVE, NEVER-BEFORE-HEARD piece of music from David Cassidy’s final recording sessions and it is unlike ANYTHING you’ve heard David do before! It’s great, and you will ONLY hear it here!

ALSO: Highlights from Tony and Gary’s emotional and revealing conversation with David, from 2014. It is truly touching.

And finally: Gary’s hotel room debacle, and a quick chat with jazz singer (and wife of Gary) Sarah Partridge, about what could be a very exciting week for her!

This episode is dedicated, with love, to David Cassidy and his family.


51 Replies to “Episode #163 – David Cassidy EXCLUSIVE!”

  1. David I love and miss you for the music your seance of hummer , you were such a lovely man .Thank you for 47 beautiful years and Thank you for your band and Craig for looking after you .your songs are beautifulwhat my father taught me .God willing they will be on a cd sometime .rest in peace our gorgeous angel I know a love from the bottom of my heart .Happy trails

  2. Thank you for playing this interview with Gary Snider, and David Cassidy. I have been a fan of David Cassidy’s since the 1970s, and he was a very beautiful person and had a wonderful soul.

    It was lovely hearing David singing the end of the show.

    Thank you Tony Perkins and Gary Stein for the program.

  3. Dear Tony & Gary, thank you all for dedicating this show to precious David Cassidy. I have been in love with him since 1970. I still can’t believe that he is gone. Tears are flowing as I type this. That song that you played that David recorded before he passed away, is really haunting. I hope that David’s keyboardist, Craig, is going to be able to get those songs together and on a DVD for everyone to be able to buy soon. I’ve noticed at the last several concerts that I’ve seen of David’s, that David seemed to be really close to his keyboardist. So it does not surprise me to find out during this interview that he was really close to Craig. I was happy to find out about that.

  4. What an insightful interview with Craig Snider. I think his fans have been wondering what was causing his pain. Craig said what I suspected. David Cassidy was a sensitive soul. He was tortured by the ugliness of today’s world and had a hard time dealing with it. Additionally, I don’t think he ever got over the pain of his father’s indifference at times, and his father’s jealously of David’s success and fame. David just couldn’t get past that. I wish he had. I wish David hadn’t thought so highly of his Dad. His Dad was no saint; but David Cassidy will be beloved. I loved his sound and his music. I don’t think I have ever heard a clinker put out by David. WE will suffer by his passing. RIP Dear David Cassidy.

  5. I’ve only just listened to this show. Thankyou so much for creating a work that honours David. It was lovely to hear Craig’s insight and very generous of him to share that with us so soon after he had lost his friend. David was a unique talent and a great loss to his frìends, family, and his fans. I do hope the EP can be released for it sounds like it cost him much to record it, and it would be a shame for the world not to hear it…..

  6. Amazing show, interview and tribute. Extraordinary. Thank you
    What a beautiful, beautiful man David was, inside and out. And that voice. So exquisite. So talented. Exceptional. I saw him in the 70’s. He was beyond beautiful.l.


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