Episode #163 – David Cassidy EXCLUSIVE!


In the wake of the passing of pop icon David Cassidy, Tony and Gary talk to David’s longtime producer, arranger, keyboardist, and friend, Craig Snider, about what it was like to work with and tour with David. He also provides insight into what David’s final days were like.

PLUS: Craig shares an EXCLUSIVE, NEVER-BEFORE-HEARD piece of music from David Cassidy’s final recording sessions and it is unlike ANYTHING you’ve heard David do before! It’s great, and you will ONLY hear it here!

ALSO: Highlights from Tony and Gary’s emotional and revealing conversation with David, from 2014. It is truly touching.

And finally: Gary’s hotel room debacle, and a quick chat with jazz singer (and wife of Gary) Sarah Partridge, about what could be a very exciting week for her!

This episode is dedicated, with love, to David Cassidy and his family.


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  1. I went to that brilliant gig at the Apollo, and really loved the new version you played. I just wish I had bought the album in the foyer cos I’ve never seen it for sale.

  2. What a wonderfully frank and interesting interview from Craig. Thank you for sharing all that. The new music seems incredible and David’s full talent was never recognised. Hope it gets released. A lovely man who will be sadly missed and was taken too soon.

  3. Thank you for playing this interview ….was a young 11/12 year old in Australia when we first saw the Partridge Family on tv & had a huge crush on D.C missed out on seeing him in concert….then we really didn’t see or hear much about him after the show ended…..and sad to say life happened and the last time I heard anything about him was the bad times and the decline in his life, which lets face it happens to all of us in one way or other….but was really sad hearing of his dementia diagnosis and his failing health and passing 😟😟😟

  4. Thank you so much for this podcast. It was so insightful and inspirational. Don’t want to be pushy on this, but was wondering if you could add the original interview to your RSS feed so that it appears in the current available download list. Judging from the emotional tones of the excerpts you played, in light of his passing and this interview with Mr. Snider, I think all of us would love to listen to the whole thing. On a positive note, I have now become a fan of your podcast and have added it to my RSS feed.

  5. I just want to say that I really hope that David realises what legacy he has left.
    He was the most charismatic gorgeous talented man, he has brought me so much pleasure since 1972. for I thank him so so much. I loved him even though I didn’t know him personally.
    When an individual can make thousands love him – that makes for a totally special person. I am so sorry that with his emotional torment he put him self through , that he probably didn’t totally get that he was amazing, I am 59 now and am absolutely devastated that he has passed away. He has left me with wonderful memories of him, I was fortuante enough to see him in concert and theatre 7 times ,
    Love you David ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  6. David Cassidy was a beautiful kind soul that was out from this world. He was extremely talented musician and perfect in his craft. He had a God gifted skill in the art of music. I remember him in the 1970s. How can I be sure? Daydreamer, Could it be forever? Never forgotten and so talented. God bless you darlin David. RIP. I have still kept your photo cuts from mags in the UK from 70s. Girls were crazy about you.

  7. David definitely needs to be placed in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. He was way ahead of many super music stars. He just remained humble with his silky smooth voice and drop dead gorgeous looks. Pity about his very tribulant personal life. He never found true love. But I think Susan Dey was made for him. He just never realised. Fame and super stardom came in the way plus both Susan and him were too young in the Patridge Family. But they looked perfect for each other. May God keep you very safe and you keep on singing with the angels. David was too good for earthly life. Heaven needed an angel. R i p.


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