Episode #145 – Despacito


In this show, Gary and Tony endure the conclusion of Rob Ford’s very long “Great Gatsby” story! WILL Rob’s relationship survive the Great Gatsby Party? WILL Gary stay awake through the story? Listen to find out!

Also: Gary tests Tony’s “weather” memory, with help from a surprise guest: Fox 5 meteorologist (and all-around great person) Sue Palka! And, Tony dissects the number one hit song “Despacito” (it’s pretty dirty!). Plus: crazy malapropisms! It’s ANOTHER chock full show!

Episode #144 – The Great Gatsby Story!


FINALLY, after putting it off for weeks, Tony and Gary “allow” Rob Ford to tell his story about attending a dress-up “Great Gatsby” theme party….and boy is it a doozy!

Plus: The guys debate Entertainment Weekly’s list of the most patriotic movies of all time; Tony’s in a book; and Gary meets a bear! It’s another stellar July 4th episode. Happy 4th!

Episode #143 – Cerphe’s Up!


This week the guys welcome back to the show legendary rock and roll disc jockey CERPHE Colwell, on the occasion of the publication of his new book, Cerphe’s Up. Cerphe shares WONDERFUL stories about times he spent with such rock icons as Bruce Springsteen, George Harrison, Frank Zappa, and Steve Van Zandt, and he reminisces about the glory days of WHFS-FM, one of the most eclectic and greatest radio stations EVER. This is a truly special conversation, AND it features some really great music!

Plus: MORE on Gary’s new puppy; new music from Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie; and, just maybe….Rob’s “Great Gatsby” story! We are really proud of this one, and hope you enjoy it, too!

Episode #142 – Dangle at the Ankle


Tony’s well again and the guys immediately get to work getting caught up on the latest current events, including…Gary has a new puppy! And it’s pooping all over his house! Gary’s not thrilled, and Tony’s not impressed with his selection of breed.

Plus: A call to Gary’s dry cleaner (who does not treat Gary like a valued customer!); “Are THESE the best Beatles songs EVER?”; and “Last Week in the News”. Dare we say, this one’s fun, provocative, and CHOCK FULL!

Encore Presentation – Donnie Simpson AGAIN!


Due to Tony being laid low by an illness, this week we present an encore presentation of one of our FAVORITE episodes, featuring radio and TV legend DONNIE SIMPSON! Donnie, Tony and Gary have an instant rapport, and it was a warm, funny, and comfortable conversation. (This was the first time since 1992 that Donnie and Tony had reunited for an extended time on-air!)

Enjoy! (And don’t forget, now you can hear Donnie on the radio again, weekday afternoons on MAJIC 102.3 in Washington, D.C.)

Episode #141 – Star Bores


At the suggestion of show Twitter follower @cozmodog, Tony and Gary nominate some movies, TV shows, and music acts that they think are either over-rated or under-rated. Among the movies on the “over-rated” list? “Star Wars” and “Titanic”!!! Let the arguments begin! (And yes, we want YOU to weigh in!)

PLUS: Gary and Tony call to order tickets for a live presentation of “The Sound of Music”, and the phone call is hilarious! Also, new music from Brad Paisley (!), and much more! The hills are alive….with the sound of laughter!

Episode #140 – Let the Games Begin!


In this all-new Memorial Day special, Tony, Gary and Rob have a blast playing “Trivial Pursuit” and the brand new game “Famous Black Inventors”! You’ll laugh, you’ll learn, and you’ll probably be mildly offended; but don’t complain, as you’ve now been warned!

Also: Tony makes a surprising maneuver, Gary is always on-the-job, and a new character?

Have a happy and safe Memorial Day (week).

Episode #139 – What Ailes Ya?


This one’s all over the place: Tony has a yard sale; Gary has an update on his Indian real estate client, who continues to insult; Tony gives an early review of the brand new Sirius/XM Beatles Channel and brings some New Old Music; and the guys present their most over-rated and under-rated TV shows.

Also, perhaps surprisingly, both Gary and Tony met (and briefly worked for) former Fox News Channel chief Roger Ailes, who died suddenly last week. In this show, the guys describe what that was like. It’s another “chock-full” episode!

Episode #138 – Cartoon Jesus


On this episode, Tony and Gary weigh in on the debate about hype-king Lavar Ball, father of UCLA basketball star Lonzo Ball: is he a narcissistic nut, or is he a promotional genius? ESPN Radio host Clinton Yates adds illuminating insight.

Plus: Steve Harvey’s OUTRAGEOUS memo to his staff, and a very cool celebrity response. And: The Funeral; The Bitter End; and The Tire Store. This one’s funny and thought provoking. Praise Jesus!

Episode #137 – Jews Run Heaven


The guys are back after their most recent live show at the DC Improv, and they are ON FIRE! In this episode, Gary hosts the brand new game “Do YOU Know Yiddish?”, and with Tony and Rob Ford as the contestants, you know it’s going to be meshuga!

Plus: A review of the whole DC Improv experience (including “audience contributor” Terry!); Gary loses his wallet; and Tony explains why this episode almost didn’t happen. Be a mensch, and give this show a listen!