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Episode #179 – Jackie Jokes!

Master joke teller JACKIE MARTLING returns to the show, so you know this episode will bring LOTS of laughs! And 95% of the jokes are brand new!

Plus: “Toilet Habits”, and “Are These Really Words?” This one’s a laugh-a-minute!

NOTE: You can pick up Jackie’s NEW book, “Jackie Jokes”, AND his autobiography, “From Bow to Stern”, at Amazon.com. Use the shopping cart button at the top of the TonyPerkinsShow.com page!

Episode #178 – In The News with Don Dahler

CBS News correspondent Don Dahler joins the guys for a fascinating conversation about his life as a network TV reporter and anchor. Don can be seen every week on both “CBS This Morning” and “The CBS Evening News”. Tony and Gary got to know him when he was with ABC’s “Good Morning America”. It was there that Don became one of the first to report on the unfolding tragedy in Lower Manhattan on 9/11; he lived four blocks from the World Trade Center, and he witnessed–and reported on–it all. His recollections on what unfolded that day are riveting and insightful.

Also: Tony and Gary go to a “Race Bar”; Gary’s trip to D.C.; and a new edition of “In the News”!

Note: Pick up Don Dahler’s new novel, Do A Little Wrong, on Amazon.com. Follow him on Twitter at @DonDahlerCBS.

Episode #177 – I Like Pink!

This episode begins with a hilarious, no-holds-barred surprise visit from Oscar Santana from “The Mike O’Meara Show”, and boy does the conversation get juicy! It’s funny AND honest!

Plus: Gary takes issue with the reboot of TV’s “Roseanne”; Tony loves HBO’s “The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling”; new music from Pink; and really cool musical curiosities from Marvin Gaye, Ratt, The Beatnix, and John Paul Young. It’s ANOTHER chock-full show!


.@JimAmato01 and @QuadfatherMFT lead another jam packed episode with clips from @MikeOMearaShow, @TPerkShow, @RobandJoeShow, and Political Persuasions with @frates & @TheRealOMeara . Download it now. https://t.co/JCaP22AvNd

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