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Episode #168 – The Three Amigos

Radio superstar DONNIE SIMPSON returns to the studio and joins Tony and Gary to talk about re-uniting on the radio with Tony, and MUCH more; as it always is when Donnie visits, it is uproarious fun! Plus, Donnie weighs in as we reveal the winner in the new round of our “Worst Song of All Time” contest!

ALSO: Gary tells the AMAZING and hilarious tale of his drive down to D.C., and the unfortunate situation he found himself in. (It involves a Starbucks cup.) You DO NOT want to miss this story!

And….we pay tribute to JAY CLYDE, a good friend and a great supporter of our show. We miss you, Jay, and this episode is dedicated to YOU.

Episode #167 – Mounds

This week, we present a listener-provided, NEW candidate for the title of “Worst Song of All Time”, and it is a doozy! Listen and vote for YOUR favorite bad song!

Plus: Gary’s stepmom has an unusual snack; Tony’s “Mega Music Mixes”; an update on Gary’s wood problem; and, dead celebrities we forgot to mention last week!

This is one of our best shows in 2018 to date! :o)

Episode #166 – Gary’s Wood Problem

In this, our all-new New Year’s Day episode, Gary makes a call to try to get to the bottom of a problem he’s having with his firewood. (Wait….what did YOU think we were talking about?! Jeez, you have a dirty mind!)

Plus: Tony “flies”! Kind of. And Gary celebrates New Year’s early, with the “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve” crew. Also, a tribute (of sorts) to the celebrities we lost in 2017.

This one’s all over the place, and a great way to start off 2018. Happy New Year!!!


Unfortunately, I have some sad news to report today. Please see my Facebook post about the passing of former @939WKYS News Director, my dear friend, John Irving. https://t.co/USeBa0m2B8

A new @TPerkShow episode has dropped! This week, @TonyPerkinsFOX5 and @Garystein611 are joined in-studio by, @MajicDC's @DonnieSimpson! As expected...the results are uprorious!

LISTEN to #TPGS Ep. #168, "The Three Amigos" HERE: https://t.co/j6liSwBA02

TOMORROW on an ALL-NEW @TPerkShow: @DonnieSimpson joins @TonyPerkinsFOX5 and @Garystein611, and it is HYSTERICAL! Subscribe to the show for FREE NOW!!!

Queen Elizabeth Hoping She Dies Before Having To Knight Any DJs https://t.co/W8uuuSIqbW

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