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Episode #175 – Straight Talk

After much open speculation by “The Mike O’Meara Show” and many of our listeners about the future of this show, the guys lay it all on the line and pull back the curtain on what’s going on with TTPSFGS. You won’t want to miss it. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and we’re sure you’ll weigh in on it all!

Plus: Tony and Gary review this season of “Homeland”, as only they could; and, Gary’s “Classic Camera Quandry”.

We enjoyed creating this episode. We speculate that you’ll enjoy hearing it!

Encore Presentation: God is a Loose Cannon

The guys are on a brief hiatus, so in the meantime, here is a fun episode from September, 2016. We’ll be back soon with a brand new episode!

An impromptu, crazy, and revealing conversation about God nearly derails this episode almost before it has started! It’s funny and serious, and Tony may need to ask for forgiveness!

Also, the guys introduce the proprietors of Washington D.C.’s most unique music venue, Songbyrd. It’s a cafe, restaurant, and bar, where you can celebrate the surprising return of vinyl music at amazing listening parties, AND hear the latest up-and-coming artists LIVE. It’s VERY cool. And we listen to some records!

Plus: Gary goes to the movies, and an odd “Celebrity Encounter”. Can we get an “Amen”?!

NOTE: For a schedule of upcoming Songbyrd events, check out www.songbyrddc.com, visit them on Facebook at “Songbyrd Music House”, and follow them on Twitter, @songbyrddc.

Episode #174 – Fox 5’s SHAWN YANCY!

In this episode, Tony reunites with his former Fox 5 co-anchor Shawn Yancy! It’s great fun, and we all get to learn about Shawn’s other passions, besides news. (Like, did you know she’s an artist?) Plus, she and Tony sing a duet! (Well….kind of!)

Plus: An update to Gary’s “Supermarket Dilemma”; the guys receive a “mystery gift”; and….the surprise return of Adrian Garcia! This one’s a keeper!


#ICYMI: Check out the latest version of “Listen In With KNN” as host @therealknelson welcomes back the @3sacrowdsports crew with special guests @TheOtherRay_J & @Hippington! This a special reunion episode you don’t want to miss. #ListenInWithKNN
Listen: https://t.co/eVzOTdQBxH

Are the days numbered for my @TPerkShow podcast? After last week's speculation on @MikeOMearaShow, we talk about it on today's episode. Listen to episode #175, "Straight Talk", here! https://t.co/gW03onIHPO

Here's a picture on the Baby Jesus statue that was returned to a New Jersey church after being stolen 90 years ago. @DonnieSimpson says he looks like a baby "Bob's Big Boy"! (Just told this story on @MajicDC 102.3/92.7.)

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