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Episode #182 – Put the Nail In

The boys are back, after a three week hiatus, with a truly fun and special episode. Tony talks about the sudden passing of his Mom, and although it is really sad, you just know Gary can’t help but bring some humor to the conversation….much to Tony’s relief!

Plus: Cool music, a BIG announcement, and….”Rob really brings his wisdom to the show”. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry. And be sure to listen ALL THE WAY to the end.

Encore Presentation: Is He Right in the Head?!

Our next new release will be May 29th…Until then, please enjoy one of our favorite episodes from July of 2015!

The laughs are nearly non-stop in one of our funniest episodes ever! Among the MANY topics covered: Rob Ford describes his VERY bad day; Which of your five senses would you be willing to give up?; Haley Joel Osment; “Forrest Gump”; the NIGHTMARE of the P.E. Locker Room Showers; “Searching for Sugarman”; and Gary’s date with Shirley MacLaine’s daughter! RoFo fans, you’re going to LOVE this one!

Encore Presentation: Fleshy Inner Cheeks!

Hey, friends. TTPSFGS will be on hiatus for two more weeks. Our next new show will be out on Tuesday, May 29th. In the meantime, here’s another one of our favorites, this time from November 2016. Enjoy!

In one of the most ADD episodes of TTPSFGS ever (and THAT’S saying something!), the guys roll non-stop from one crazy topic to another, barely pausing to gasp for air. Among the subjects covered: Gary is nearly poisoned, and the guys actually get the person who nearly poisoned him on the phone! Also, Tony’s mouth troubles; Gary’s collection of weird, but very funny, actual names of people; Tony presents music composed by….well….you’ll have to listen; and surprising music from The Manhattans.

Plus, Rob Ford poops all over one of Tony’s segments. Will Rob survive to produce again? Listen and find out!

By the way, the alternate title for this episode is “America: The Bi-Curious Sophomore”. Enjoy!


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THANK YOU @AnnieYuTV, @reesewaters, and @hbwx for joining us today on @MajicDC 102.3 and 92.7! It was so much fun! See you Monday morning at 5am at @wusa9 for #GetUpDC!

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